6 years

Saturday, December 22, 2018

This week, we celebrated six years of marriage! ❤️

As our anniversary is so close to Christmas, we usually keep it simple. This year, we headed downtown for dinner at Tuscanos (Brazilian all you can eat) 

We enjoyed walking around and spending an interruption free dinner together! We’re hoping year seven brings a new addition to our family! 


Christmas time is here!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Christmas time is here! It sure snuck up on us! This weekend we spent time with the Flints for one of our favorite holiday traditions...decorating gingerbread houses! Each year, we enjoy planning on how our house will look and it’s fun to see how everybody else decides to decorate as well. 

This year we went for a white theme. Like a mountain lodge. 

The collection: 

Christmas traditional, glitter/dinosaur, our lodge, and trolls. 

We can’t wait for the day we can share this tradition with our own littles! ❤️

Why adoption?

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

I’ve had many people ask me why adoption. Here’s our why: 

Have you ever wanted something so bad and it took a long time to get it, or you never did? Me, too.

I grew up wanting to be a mom. If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say a teacher or a mom. Even in High School I didn’t think a college degree was necessary because I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. I enrolled in classes and honestly thought I would never finish because a handsome and well-off man would whisk me away and we would have babies. The joke was on me though. I finished my bachelor’s degree and then got married, my husband was not in a hurry to have kids. I started (and finished) a Master’s degree program to pass the time away until I would be a mom.

I went off of birth control in the early summer of 2014. Infertility ran in my family, and naively I thought, “well it will probably take about two years, but then I’m sure to be a mom”. HA! Not so. After about a year and a half, I started feeling depressed. My husband and I had moved to a new state, with no family or friends nearby and the one thing I had always wanted looked so far out of my reach. I felt like my world was caving and the once positive girl spent many nights crying herself to sleep.

By January 2016, I knew something needed to change. I had read Gretchen Rubin’s book, ‘The Happiness Project’ a few times and decided I would create a theme to choose joy for the year. I started reading about happiness and quickly learned happiness comes from within. While external factors can influence the way we feel, happiness is ultimately up to us. I started keeping track of things that made me happy each day. Sometimes it was a walk around the block, sometimes a hug, but I found something every day that made me smile.

Choosing to be happy every day, reading happiness books, and actively writing down what was making me happy distracted me from wanting to be a mom, for a while. I was ignoring the fact I wasn’t a mom and I was trying to be “happy” even though inside, I was still hurting. Eventually I realized choosing to be happy is part of it, but to really experience happiness through this unwanted challenge was to create a life I was happy with.

For me personally, I knew IVF wasn’t an option. My husband and I had discussed fostering and private adoption, but at the time, knew we weren’t in a place to pursue either. Knowing this meant we were putting our dreams on hold, which killed me. I knew if I wanted to be happy, I needed to find out how to be happy without being a mom. This was no easy task and is one I continue to work on every single day.

My journey to find joy through infertility has taught me infertility is a complex situation to be in and I’ve learned grief is a huge part of it. Your heart feels broken from all the things you wish you had and the plans you made. I ignored this for a long time. I acted like I was fine and that I was happy living the way I was if I couldn’t be a mom. I tried to be positive about it and I think instead, I wasn’t being authentic or vulnerable about what was going on deep down. It took a couple of years, but I learned the first step to finding joy in the sorrow is to admit that there is sorrow. It’s okay to feel disappointed at what you wish could be. I learned it’s okay to be open about what I’m going through and sometimes, by sharing my experiences with infertility, infertility itself was more manageable. Vulnerability is not always an easy thing, and I carefully choose who to share my vulnerability with. I’ve seen that the more open I’ve been about this process, the more I’ve connected to others about it.

My project of finding joy through infertility is an ongoing process. While I haven’t given up on the idea of being a mom, I’ve learned how to be happy with the life I have. I concentrate and fill my time doing things I love. I surround myself with people who lift me up and don’t judge me for the choices I’m making regarding my infertility. Infertility has taken something important from me, but it’s given me time with my husband, an ease to get an education, the ability to travel, and much more. Rather than focus on what I don’t have, each day I try to focus on what I do have. I’m learning to live and to live a life I love.

My infertility story isn’t over. My husband and I are finally in a position where we feel like the timing is right to pursue private adoption and this next step in our infertility experience both terrifies and excites me. I know adopting will come with so many challenges, but I’m ready. I may never have biological children of my own, but I can honestly say that’s okay. I could’ve easily let infertility tear me down, but instead I decided to fight back, and I’m so glad I did. Choosing joy through infertility is not easy. It feels like a gut punch month after month, but when I learned how to fight through with joy, I learned how to live a life I’m happy with.

So the short answer to, why adopt? 

Because our hearts and arms are open. We have so much love to give to a baby and their first family. We know by having an open adoption, we are adopting more than one person into our family, and truly, how amazing is that? 




Waiting Nursery

Monday, December 3, 2018

I’m a planner, organizer, and love to feel control/prepared. Needless to say, our nursery is ready to go! We can’t wait for the day we’re able to bring our little one home to this nursery. 

Mike and I both love the outdoors. We try and take at least a couple of camping trips each summer and love hiking...or really anything that involves being in the mountains. We have a goal to visit every national park together and hope to cross off 3 more next year. 

I loved the idea of creating a woodland nursery. We want our children to love nature as much as we do and we can’t wait to share that love with them. Mike and I met in the mountains and they will always have a special place in our hearts. 

We have a picture frame in the room intentionally left empty for now, but anxiously wait for the day we can add a picture of our baby with his/her first mama. We want our babe to know how immensely loved they are by so many people and hope this room provides them with comfort and love. Just like the mountains give us those feelings. 

I can’t wait for the days we get to take our babe with us to the mountains. Those will be the days I’ll remember this was all worth it. ⛰❤️



Sunday, December 2, 2018

Hi! It’s been a few months since I’ve jumped on here, so I thought I would share some late night thoughts... 

We have been busy, busy over here! But, we are so happy to have our home study finalized and approved! 🎉 We are officially a “waiting family”. 

Waiting is theee hardest for me. I’ve been purposefully keeping myself busy. We set up the nursery and hope to bring a sweet babe home to it soon. 

This adoption process has been so eye opening and has forced me out of my comfort zone regularly. It’s easy to get stuck in the same patterns and I’m thankful for the pushes this has given me to take on some new experiences. 

We celebrated national adoption awareness month by watching so many adoption related movies. I ordered a couple of books and I can’t wait to jump into them in December. I’m trying to take advantage of this time to better educate myself. 

Speaking of December, we are so excited for all of the holiday festivities and the traditions we love so much! 

A few of our favorites: 
Seeing the lights at Temple Square 
The Christmas Carole Sing Along 
Decorating gingerbread houses with the Flint’s 
Christmas Eve movie with the Swain’s 
And all of the family time we get to share! 

We can’t wait for the day we get to share these traditions with our own little! ❤️ 

Questions about our family? Please email us at: 



Monday, September 24, 2018

One of our favorite fall traditions is to attend Oktoberfest up at Snowbird Resort in SLC. My (Beth) family has gone up for as long as I can remember! We were able to go up with my family this weekend, which is always so much fun. 

We don’t drink, but enjoy the food, music/entertainment, and atmosphere in general. The leaves are beginning to change and the weather was perfect! 

It’s going to be a busy few months, but we look forward to all of the fun we have during the autumn season! 


BIG NEWS!!! ❤️

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

We are excited to share some big news with you….We are ADOPTING! As many of you know, we’ve been struggling with infertility for the last four years. After thinking and praying, we have felt inspired to grow our family through adoption. We are excited, scared, nervous, and anxious! Adoption has a special place in both of our hearts and we sincerely feel so blessed for this opportunity. 



But, we need YOUR help! We have decided not to use a placing agency; meaning, we are working on our adoption home study, but after that, we are on our own to find a strong and loving expectant mother and baby. Please share our picture and names with everyone you know. We are looking for an infant, 0-1 of any gender or race anywhere in the US. 


If you are an expectant mother, looking to place your child for adoption, please reach out. You can email us with questions at:



We are pouring our hearts into this and while we know the road ahead may be difficult, we are hopeful. 

We appreciate all of the love and support we have been and will continue to receive from our friends and family. Thank you for helping us! ❤️

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waiting for baby flint

waiting for baby flint