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I grew up in Sandy, UT. I'm the second oldest of five children. Growing up, I enjoyed vacationing in Southern CA with my family. We didn't have extended family around, which forced us to be close with each other. I'm thankful for this as I'm still close with each of my siblings. We love to get together several times per month to do seasonal activities. I'm a proud aunt to my nieces and nephews and enjoy spending time with them as well. My parents were and still are, great examples to me. They taught me how to serve others and provided us with quality time. My dad shared his love for sweets with all of us kids and anytime we get together, it includes a sweet treat!


I grew up in Holladay, UT. I'm the middle child between two awesome sisters and the best parents I could imagine. Growing up in my house taught me many lessons, one that I carry is that family can take many forms.My sisters and I always knew that we were adopted and the experience of growing up with that knowledge was important, but not defining. Growing up, we enjoyed taking trips together and that's something we still try to do at least a couple of times per year. One of my favorite traditions with my family is going to Cedar City for the Shakespeare Festival.

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waiting for baby flint

waiting for baby flint