Dear mama,

I don’t know where to begin. We can’t imagine the feelings you must be experiencing right now as you think about what you believe is best for your sweet babe. The love you have is beautiful. We admire your strength and heart. Thank you for reading this letter and for taking the time to get to know us.

When we got married, we assumed we would have some troubles with infertility as there’s a history of it in Beth’s family. We hoped we would get pregnant on our own, but life doesn’t always go as planned. One thing infertility has taught us is how to be positive and find joy in the hard times.

A little about Mike: Mike enjoys Jiu Jitsu (mixed martial arts) in his spare time. Mike is passionate about the work he does in the mental health field. A little about Beth: Beth enjoys running in her spare time. Beth works in the social service field and loves to help others.

Together we enjoy hiking, camping, traveling and spending time with our cute pup.

Through thoughts and prayers, we have been led to adoption to help our family grow. We hope we can get to know you better as we hope you’ll feel you’re a part of our family as well. We want you to know we will love your baby and will share your love for them as he/she grows. We know you have so much love for this child and we want them to know their mother loved them fully. While we know this cannot be an easy process, we pray for you and pray you will find comfort and peace in the decision you make.

With love,

Mike & Beth

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waiting for baby flint

waiting for baby flint